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Wisdom Burritos

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Credits: 1'626
Award Points: 9'260
Citizen days: 4'776
Joined: 22 Dec 2007
Last Visit: 10 Dec 2014
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Henrik Panzerotten (5 Jun 2008):
Hehe congrats on citizen of the day Wisdom. :clap:
Funny Lebowski (25 May 2008):
Congrats on being citizen of the day!
Bjorn Harlan (14 Mar 2008):
[color=red]--FORMAL NOTICE-- [size=7][/size]The following message is in 2 parts, part one is a true inclination of what The BjHorny client is saying, the second part is a translation.[/color] [u][i]Part 1[/i][/u] WISDOM, Where art thou, fair madien? Thine BTC art much increasingly tiresome without yonder, succumbing yours truly to ennui. Shall these frequenting mal-avoidances continue for much longer? Yours faithfully, Archduke BjHorny the Great [[u]i]Part 2[/i][/u] WISDOM, where are you, you woman. Warbears is boring when you aren't around, making me bored. Are we going to continue to not meet? Yours Faithfully, Some BjHorny old man [i]
Jeanbean Harlan (12 Mar 2008):
ur avatar pic dnt say that ur wise lol
Ariel Harlan (1 Mar 2008):
Haha.. 84 year old candy giving pervert! [-X do u need ur diaper changed?
Jeanbean Harlan (28 Feb 2008):
[color=darkred:e0a18edee0]hi[/color:e0a18edee0][color=red:e0a18edee0]W[/color:e0a18edee0][color=orange:e0a18edee0]I[/color:e0a18edee0][color=green:e0a18edee0]S[/color:e0a18edee0][color=cyan:e0a18edee0]D[/color:e0a18edee0][color=blue:e0a18edee0]O[/color:e0a18edee0] :mrgreen: [color=violet:e0a18edee0]M[/color:e0a18edee0]
Bjorn Harlan (26 Feb 2008):
WisDOOM WisBUM WisDUMB WUSSY WISSY WisTLE WHISK WisdomLESS And many others. (I admit, some of those are rubbish) WHERE ARE YOU??! Warbears is boring without you. It's even better when Rowena is about being a rubbish Mod.
Betique Smith (10 Feb 2008):
hiiiiii u are cool lol :mrgreen: O:) :D :lol:
Pizzaman Totoro (24 Jan 2008):
Wisdom knows all and he also has a cool animated pic. its AWSOME! :clap:
Pizzaman Totoro (3 Jan 2008):
wisdom is aaaawsome yea he is =D> go wisdom
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