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Wilsonway Burritos

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Joined: 1 Dec 2007
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Mrpoma Burritos (22 Mar 2009):
Your favorite music: Classical, Jazz, Pop, and...what's this? ROCK?!? You told me you don't like rock. Mr. Liar! :x :shock:
Mrpoma Burritos (17 Feb 2009):
Hai. I think I'm becoming more and more obsessed with [u:c74d6b1643]The Outsiders[/u:c74d6b1643] each day :shock: And no, it's not because I keep watching it! They're just so ahhsome.. :o
Jurgen Smith (12 Aug 2008):
Well, Vyv made it for me.
Jurgen Smith (11 Aug 2008):
Ooh, gotta say, I do like that avvie.
Mrpoma Burritos (31 Jul 2008):
Steamboat Willeh! :o
Linda Giffuri (30 May 2008):
Hola Wil. I mean, I just dropped by to say "Hi." And now that I've said it, I'm going now. I'm finish typing. Or . . . well, See you around. :3
Jeff Burritos (25 Feb 2008):
Hey Willeh.
Mrpoma Burritos (25 Jan 2008):
Funny avatar. It's (almost) as manly as me!!!!! :D :D :D :D
Smartgirl Harlan (24 Jan 2008):
OMg ur avatar is so cute ^_^ :gringrin:
Babybee Harlan (14 Jan 2008):
saya enteh :-s lapar kekarek biak makan ^^ if that makes any sense.. :uhoh:
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