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Donnielle Smith

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Credits: 4'118
Award Points: 8'590
Citizen days: 5'740
Joined: 22 Mar 2008
Last Visit: 23 Feb 2013
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Smile House (31 Jul 2010):
I love you donnielle.Thanks for being the best friend i have ever had in my life. :] your awesome.dont ever forget that. Always and forever love, Sammy
Smile House (20 Apr 2009):
Hehe i know who this mystery man is xD your the best sissy!! and yes im really happy because of my man x)
Smile House (12 Apr 2009):
Have a Happy Easter sissy! I wuv you! Haha well talk to you later! xD
Smile House (2 Apr 2009):
lol HI my buddy! im hyper crazy duckie. and yet i have no one to be hyper with. i need you here!! lol i wuv you too sis! and i always will. (you know that)))) Your the best sister a girl like ne could ever have! your the best and im so amazingly happy that i met you! i wouldnt bee the same without you!!! YOUR THE BEST SISTER/FRIEND/BEST FRIEND any girl could ask for!! I WUV YOU!! -Cupcake a.k.a Smile a.k.a Sam xD
no matter whut i still forgive u
Hayuki Smith (21 Mar 2009):
lol hehe you think its creepy lol its kiba :uhoh: :uhoh: kiba the aggressive female wolf lol and i got 2 wolfs and gave birth to 4 wolf pups :3 its true :D and thx for saying my icon is cute though XD
Hayuki Smith (19 Mar 2009):
i love your pic its so cute :3
Smile House (4 Mar 2009):
Oh wow Donnielle. your so great. you are a really best friend of mine. i cant beleive i have a friend like you!! YOUR THE BEST! I WUV you Donnielle!!!!!! haha bye ttyl bffl :3 :-.=
Rumman Risotto (28 Jun 2008):
ur profile pic is cute :D
Kassy Giffuri (11 May 2008):
your da best :P :P :P :P :P
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