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Xlorm Totoro

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Credits: 5'525
Award Points: 14'010
Citizen days: 5'012
Joined: 2 May 2007
Last Visit: 2 Sep 2012
Total Forum Posts: 20
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Kianna Carpenter (7 May 2008):
Congrats! You Got the Citizen Of The DAY! :P Well,Bye! :ninja:
Himanshu Anderson (13 Oct 2007):
seafood is after you she needs about 5000 points to get you out of the chart get more points O_o :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: run get points now a.s.a.p
Himanshu Anderson (6 Oct 2007):
i guess you where right about wild dogs and tigers wild dogs beat tiger by 2mph really close
yep.. awful nice comment from your FRIEND himanshu?!, GREAT AVATAR! (booo cunfuddled booo) GREAT AVATAR! :D
Krunoth House (31 Aug 2007):
you ROCK at quizaboom!!! =D> you're better at quizaboom than my friend and my bro :mrgreen:
Jared Carpenter (9 Jul 2007):
whats up MAN :!: :arrow:
Cunfuddled Anderson (27 Jun 2007):
My favorite emotion? RAge... We'll settle this in Quizaboom...
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