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Beastie Anderson (23 May 2008):
SUP!!!The new version is pretty cool...Lol.I guess it was ready while I was in Florida :D.Too bad they didn't add anything for the emoticons or add a :ninja: /monkey house :(...Oops!didn't notice they made new emoticons but they deleted the heart 1... :heart: :ninja:lover Beastie Anderson A.K.A.beastie275 :heart:
Beastie Anderson (8 Apr 2008):
Oh OK.Is your video reeaadddyyyy yet?It's been like a month!Oh and aslo, I just found that I can report now!Since I logged in to warbears for more than 10 times and i have more than 100 credits to report...IS IT READY YET?!!?!?:evil: :evil: :evil:. Still :heart: :heart: :heart: :ninja:kid Beastie Anderson (A.K.A. Beastie275/Beastie) :heart: :heart: :heart:
Beastie Anderson (7 Apr 2008):
Is your video ready yet?Oh and I didn't lock my house :lol:.Also, what time tdo u log in exactly and what days do u log in?!?!Just like youv'e been dying (dunno if i spelled right) to ask me what I wanted to say! :heart:Ninja kid:ninja::Beastie Anderson (A.K.A. Beastie/Beastie275)
Beastie Anderson (6 Apr 2008):
I know, I want to see you too.](*,) ](*,) ](*,).I AM GETTING SOO CRAZZZYYYYY THAT I CAN'T FIND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :evil: :evil: :evil:.Tell me what days you log in and EXACTLY what time.K?Thanks!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: Beastie275 A.K.A. Beastie :heart: :heart: :heart:
Beastie Anderson (30 Mar 2008):
Where are you going to on vacation?If you're going to Asia, Philippines, you're going to where I was born.Anyway, it's weird that we can't find each other on War bears anymore.I'll just :pray: in War bears that we see each other.I'll pray when I'm going to FAKE sleep in my bed at War bears.Bye and have fun in your vacation!I should tell you I like ninjas :ninja:.BYE!!!OF COURSE I'LL MISS YOOOUUU!!! :heart:Beastie275:heart: A.K.A. Beastie Anderson
Beastie Anderson (26 Mar 2008):
I'm back!Yes, I do have a weeworld account.Also a Boombang account.Then I need to see you in warbears at the bar first before i can tell you...Well...ask you.It won't ever show when you are inline or offline so it's like trying to break a brick wall to find you ](*,).Bye! :heart:,Beastie275
Zooey Burritos (25 Mar 2008):
[color=violet:cb29f548e7]heyy wuts up? i was just wonderin...y was ur mom so mad at u earlier? was it bcuz of me? well if it was.... sorry bout that i got a picture for my icon...life is better blonde.....lol![/color:cb29f548e7]
Beastie Anderson (17 Mar 2008):
I might be banned again for a while but who cares because I'm going to somewhere else for a while so don't miss me OK?I'll be back in a couple of days so bye! :heart:
Beastie Anderson (17 Mar 2008):
Hey nice, I viewed your profile and I saw the secret location :clap:.Anyway, today's Monday but...I got bad news...I still have rotavirus.I'll try to attend school today because the virus is almost gone so it's no big deal.Is the video that your friend made ready yet?So I think I'll only be able to message you until it's bye bye to the rotavirus.C ya!
Beastie Anderson (16 Mar 2008):
Oh sorry, I didn't log in for a long time. Lols. I can't use the computer that much because I have rotavirus. If you don't know what it is google it. I'll have it until Monday.I'll tell you the thing I wanna tell you when I see you in the game.Remember, if I'm not at the bar, I'm at the park. If I'm not in any, I'll be at a friends house, my house, my new house until march 20 that my friend polarsniper let me borrow, or i'm logged out.
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