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Mitchell Mazinga (14 Jul 2008):
hmmm you love who young ladie?! jk
Jurgen Smith (9 Sep 2007):
the picture would b ok, but it's too bright yellow. It hurts my eyes a bit. (yeah I know I have sensitive eyes)
Mitchell Mazinga (9 Sep 2007):
Katelynkatie House (7 Sep 2007):
[color=cyan:93107818a3]I'm not ignoring you I have not seen you online in a long time PM me plz!!! XOXO Katelynkatie[/color:93107818a3]
Mitchell Mazinga (25 Aug 2007):
hey whats up call me like a 10 :D on my CELL this time last time i almost got in troble thanks its ok tho :ninja:
Darkdragon Carpenter (24 Aug 2007):
[color=green:5da93fbbb6]I ALSO BEAT MISSION 2, THE WHOLE THING!!!!!!! 100% AN 3000 POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS STUCK ON 72% AND 2000 POINTS![/color:5da93fbbb6] :ninja:
Darkdragon Carpenter (24 Aug 2007):
[color=green:ed10885128]IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/color:ed10885128] :ninja:
Marci Mazinga (24 Aug 2007):
Hi! Thanks for the comment! Your pic is adorable! I just <3 it!!!
Darkdragon Carpenter (23 Aug 2007):
[color=green:520af3386b]YOU WANT SPAM, I GIVE YOU SPAM! SPAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/color:520af3386b] :ninja:
Darkdragon Carpenter (23 Aug 2007):
[color=green:3a911196c2]YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M THE FIRST TO SPAM YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Just kidding![/color:3a911196c2] :ninja:
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