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Linda Giffuri

Real name: Linda Glittery Goddess
Current location:
Credits: 1'766
Award Points: 10'080
Citizen days: 5'973
Joined: 19 Oct 2007
Last Visit: 7 Nov 2020
Total Forum Posts: 293
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Trev Giffuri (22 Mar 2017):
Hey! You were one of the last people to write on my wall, so I'm returning the favor. =)
Jurgen Smith (10 Feb 2017):
So apparently it's been over a year since I last left a comment here? An unacceptable gap!

Hello, Linda. I hope all is well.

Also, cheesecake.
Jurgen Smith (18 Jan 2016):
And naturally, it cuts off the last two characters.

To complete the previous one:


Hah, you can't stop me leaving full comments, despite your best efforts!
Jurgen Smith (18 Jan 2016):
I figure it's about time I left another comment here, given it's been well over two years since I did that. Unfortunately, I can't even get close to Jeff's effort for the longest one, but here is something that'll get to the current character limit for one of these. I hope you enjoy it!

Hello, yo
Jurgen Smith (21 Jan 2013):
Coolboi Harlan (5 Sep 2011):

Hi. :D
Pete Totoro (26 Apr 2011):
There there.
Jurgen Smith (5 Dec 2009):
Happy COTD, Linda! And hello. =P
Pete Totoro (2 Sep 2008):
Oh my gosh! It's linda! :o Autograph, please?
Jurgen Smith (30 Aug 2008):
Woo! Go COTD!
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