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Glam Totoro (16 Feb 2008):
heyy caroline, no offence but u need 2 reset ur account. u dont even look like ur self!!! YOUR HAIR IS NOT RED! its black! & ur not a pianist. u play the piano (even though u can play like almost every song in the world...) u r a soon-2-be artist...(like me!!!) &...well...nice account other than that. :D
Glam Totoro (3 Feb 2008):
u r never on. call me i need help with the missions (unless u wanna do them 4 me...*hint hint*) btw...my bday is coming soon. hmmmm...i wonder what i'm gonna get.
Glam Totoro (19 Jan 2008):
omg u completely all the missions?!?! call me & give me the answers!!! I NEED MONEY! (im saving for a big house lol) :pray: PLEASE! :pray:
Glam Totoro (7 Jan 2008):
omg is that kid kymie29 on ur friends list the kymie from our school?!?!?! oh & by the way...what the heck is ur sfp on???
Glam Totoro (9 Dec 2007):
hey y arent u ever on... :| by the way...do u think will will get an A on our ssf project? dont 4get 2 take the picture of the backboard, kay?
Glam Totoro (3 Sep 2007):
wat the? ur name is not amy! duh!
Glam Totoro (25 Aug 2007):
omg caroline! im ur only friend on here! i feel so prtivlaged... :mrgreen:
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