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Michal Anderson

Real name: Hibiscus
Current location: thank you come again
Birthday: 18 Oct 1996
Age: 23
I'm a hydrangea grill
Credits: 1'398
Award Points: 17'160
Citizen days: 4'685
Joined: 23 Nov 2007
Last Visit: 17 Apr 2020
Total Forum Posts: 196
0% of total / 0.0418 posts per day
Isanator Burritos (9 Sep 2011):
You're Amazing you know, but not as awesome as me. And if you can't tell I'm in a great mood because i usually don't talk much, but now i've typed almost all the letters I am probably allowed to use which is like 300. I am going to type all of them though, just for the fun of it. so i'll shut
Lilmisslisa Simpson (24 Apr 2011):
Sparkles Lebowski (5 Sep 2010):
<3 :D Loves u <3 =) :3 :ninja: :gringrin: :D You Make me smile Lol :D
Bonnie Burritos (9 Jan 2010):
GET OFF THOSE MACHINES! BAD BOY! :angry: :angry: :angry:
Bonnie Burritos (24 Sep 2009):
Minnie! I love you Minnie! O: O: O: Nice avatar!
Warman House (1 Jun 2009):
hi dude how is it going? im bored so i think i could talk with ya. so write back ok?
Salt Totoro (30 May 2009):
hi is the server down or is it just me?[code]
Funny Lebowski (10 Jun 2008):
Nice one on being citizen of the day! :D
Lilmisslisa Simpson (2 Jun 2008):
omg in december u messaaged me saying u are cool man do i look like a boy!!! [-X [-X [-X [-X :x ......
Lilmisslisa Simpson (1 Jun 2008):
lovin the avatar!! =] how ur lil sis doin?? :gringrin:
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