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Sewage Anderson

Real name: Finn
Current location: UK
Birthday: 13 Sep 1997
Age: 23
That guy you probably don't like.
Credits: 826
Award Points: 11'830
Citizen days: 4'120
Joined: 3 Jan 2010
Last Visit: 30 Mar 2021
Total Forum Posts: 55
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Klaudiamika Anderson (29 Nov 2020):
Marshall Brancacane (10 Nov 2018):
Please bear in mind that 'flimbuous mackelmorser' I completely made up, and don't actually have real meanings. It could be an insult, or a compliment. Sure, the situation suggests an insult. But that's just what I would want you to think! Now sizzle in the sun with not knowing what it truly means!
Marshall Brancacane (10 Nov 2018):
Oh, crombo! AT EASE, YOU FLIMBUOUS MACKELMORSER. DON'T YOU KNOW WHO YOU'RE DEALING WITH? Well, allow me to enlighten you, Crustacean. I am ME! THAT'S RIGHT! ME!

I bet you didn't see that one coming, did ya? Ha! (ME! HAHAHA!)
Stingooo Totoro (11 Oct 2018):
Sewage Anderson (10 Oct 2018):
Hey Sewage,

You're distasteful


Stingooo Totoro (27 Jun 2018):
Marshall Brancacane (18 Apr 2018):
You make me happy, fullstop. Miss you. <3
Stingooo Totoro (23 Mar 2018):
Who's that one bloke that beats up friendly entertainers?

Is it...
A) Richard Nixon
B) Sewage Anderson
C) Batman
D) Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio
Marshall Brancacane (10 Jan 2018):

What is?

You are.
Stingooo Totoro (21 Dec 2017):
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