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Hinatta Totoro (17 Nov 2008):
hey can you make me a better avatar from hinata in my profile? Thank you! :D
Zakuro Totoro (14 Oct 2008):
Hey you, be my ninja pal! :gringrin: NINJAS NINJAS NINJAS! :ninja: It will take a long time before you reach Zakuro's level of anime-ness. :wink:
Zakuro Totoro (20 Sep 2008):
Grand Line! :o Anime lovers FTW! ^_^ And remember, Zakuro-chan is a ninja/detective/secret agent! :gringrin: GO JAPANESE MUSIC. :3 Sayonara, Rey!
Linda Giffuri (23 Mar 2008):
Hi! I know you don't know me. You really like Bleach? Wow. We can get along with that, Rey. I'm Linda by the way. Lol. See you somewhere. Oh my favorite character there is Orihime Inoue. Lol.
Best Burritos (12 Mar 2008):
Your still far from me in anime glory. :gringrin:
Krunoth House (29 Jan 2008):
sup fellow wbp! :3 :gringrin:
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