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Trevor Mazinga

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Current location:
Credits: 1'226
Award Points: 9'360
Citizen days: 5'497
Joined: 19 Jun 2007
Last Visit: 28 Aug 2010
Total Forum Posts: 1
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Nadine Simpson (23 Nov 2007):
Trevor is the coolest person I've met along with Lecker his pal.He's great and knows how to cook and many other things.Two Thumbs Up for Trevor! =D> :ninja: :gringrin: =D> :mrgreen:
Niall Calothycos (2 Aug 2007):
TREVORS AWSOME WOOT!!! yup... hes pretty much the third greatest person on WarBears right behind ioji and me... it would take me at least a day to honor trevor by listing all of his great qualities
Niall Calothycos (2 Aug 2007):
Woot! Trevor is the coolest person on warbears (right behind me and IOJI) and it would take me at least a day to list all his good qualities, mainly his good decorating sense!
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