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Pinkitypop Totoro (27 Sep 2008):
hey eilz thanks for the inspiring message :D your party rocked! i mean the pink limo was awesomeness ^^ when i got home i couldn't eat becos of that pizza ^_^ hmm see ya on monday? :-s my mum keeps listening to my cd do you remember the lil girl who saw us in the limo? she was all like.. :stare: :stare: :stare: :stare: :stare:
Pinkitypop Totoro (12 Sep 2008):
charlie you look quite down with your big fat eyes and your big fat frown, the world doesnt have to be sooo greeeeeey! STICK A BANA IN YOUR EEEAR ^^ /\ ) ) it is a banana ? \/ :-s :gringrin:
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