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Samara Smith

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Credits: 86'391
Award Points: 21'210
Citizen days: 4'858
Joined: 2 Jun 2007
Last Visit: 3 Aug 2020
Total Forum Posts: 120
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Tango Totoro (24 Aug 2009):
O: How's Hong Kong?
Pink Giffuri (8 Apr 2009):
Hey capital girl, keep beating Sobchak and you'll be the next quizbot robot! xD JK, keep on getting those capitals right!
Bjorn Harlan (15 Mar 2009):
Is it possible to swear in comments? Let's try it out... [b:8119fe4fb8]2nd place.[/b:8119fe4fb8] Oh. Clearly not... Gosh, I'm excellent at rubbing in old news.
Drogn Risotto (3 Jan 2009):
She is the best at quizaboom X that actually sobchak is the best at that :gringrin: I'm sure you're happy to here that. Well, you're the best at capitals. Congratulations :clap:
Xlorm Totoro (24 Aug 2007):
A mouse with a tenacious 100,000 points, but what will she do with them all, trade 'em in for cheese? :-k
Frankelbert Lebowski (29 Jul 2007):
hawaii! :D
Cunfuddled Anderson (22 Jul 2007):
I stole all the capitals in the world just to tick off Samara. I'm devious like that. =) Moo!
Lecker Risotto (21 Jul 2007):
knows all capitals. sweet
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