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Kimmii Harlan

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Credits: 320
Award Points: 7'210
Citizen days: 4'433
Joined: 17 Oct 2008
Last Visit: 23 Apr 2009
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Denisa Lebowski (30 Dec 2008):
Hey nice new avatar! :D
Angell Harlan (3 Nov 2008):
Hey friend,still thinking at bananas and doll collection? Ha lol. :P Nice to see you :gringrin: You are really good with people and I'm not joking :D
Rosalind Anderson (3 Nov 2008):
Hey,kim i want to comment you :3 Okay,first you're fun and it's easy to talk with you :gringrin: Well...yea you are a bit ..um crazy but doesn't matter well this is special too... Lol
Leshawna Smith (3 Nov 2008):
Hello kimmi :) What's up girl? You're still too insane? xD joking Oh well,what you done today at school wasn't a bit...well crazy?But who is me to comment? lol,im lucky to have friends like you,besides you're crazy. Well anyways cyaa :gringrin:
Denisa Lebowski (3 Nov 2008):
Hey kimmi lol what a coment you give me xD :D doll collection??? lol i like you're avatar :3 katie from TDI,right? You're a great friend. Byee P.S. Like my comment? ^_^
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