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Benjamin Burritos
Real name:
Current location:
Credits: 11'152
Award Points: 21'410
Citizen days: 6'320
Joined: 3 Jan 2007
Last Visit: 22 Jul 2018
Total Forum Posts: 1'593
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Vyvian Risotto (13 Apr 2008):
Wow...I'm on your friend list! Yay! Anyways, you're a great mod, keep up the good work! :wink:
Mochi Totoro (16 Jan 2008):
Benjamin's a meanie But I still lub him Even though he's mean
Jeff Burritos (5 Jan 2008):
Eeeeeeh, he's alright.
mod Anderson (5 Sep 2007):
Even if that mean bear ioji won't be your friend I will
Tyler Burritos (1 Aug 2007):
You remind me of a peanut butter fairy :mrgreen:
Krunoth House (11 Jun 2007):
O cap'n, my cap'n [color=white:b94c5c778b]who is my homeboy[/color:b94c5c778b] :P ^_^ :ninja:
Blade Giffuri (11 Jun 2007):
Finally, your sarcastic-ness payed off!
Mochi Totoro (5 Jun 2007):
We are having way too much fun...
Marballz Risotto (2 Jun 2007):
if there was a mr sarcasm, you would be looking at him. heheh
Rowena Svoltaire (31 May 2007):
tehehe, i see you have a new signature up it's AMAZING, who made it?? oh wait... ME :3
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