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Khang Smith

Real name: Kenny Nathan
Current location: Vietnam
Birthday: 23 Jan 1997
Age: 26
My story is definitely not for entertainment! I will tell my story and other weird stuff, later! *since 2010*
It's been half of a decade since I last visited this site. I'm still the same, by the way! *Since 2015*
Runnin' outta chars to type. This might be the last yearly update. Dangit
*Since 2018*
Credits: 1'575
Award Points: 11'690
Citizen days: 5'005
Joined: 20 Mar 2010
Last Visit: 14 Aug 2021
Total Forum Posts: 6
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Covergirl Risotto (14 May 2011):
Heyy there babe. Its going alright. Hope everything going alright for you too<3 Love ya
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