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Sword Smith

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Credits: 3'664
Award Points: 10'120
Citizen days: 5'069
Joined: 15 Jan 2007
Last Visit: 24 Dec 2007
Total Forum Posts: 106
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Gamesbond Anderson (9 Jun 2007):
He's shiny. Beware!
Hunter Burritos (26 Mar 2007):
This guy is cool
Starry Burritos (27 Feb 2007):
Hey man, awesome job with the Mittoes and all. We could never make it if it wasnt for you. Keep up the good work, and help make Mittopolis a better place to live. Also, check it out, I added some arenas you may want to participate in! Good luck :gringrin: -Starry
Sasuke Totoro (24 Feb 2007):
This guy is sooo safe he helped me with mission 2 when i didn't even know him!
Oddeh Burritos (23 Feb 2007):
Hey man, love the wallpapers!
Rastabobo Burritos (14 Feb 2007):
Time to splat! :3 [img:a3e1b66166]http://hubcap.clemson.edu/~rclong/gif/splat.gif[/img:a3e1b66166]
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