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Melissamb Smith

Joined: 25 Nov 2010
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Location: Brazil

PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 2:46 pm Reply with quote

Help me!!!!!! i wnat help in part 5 in Kla search bloc red!!!!!!!! Think
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Daredevil Anderson

Joined: 16 Dec 2007
Posts: 1641
Location: Helping the doctor save the Earth and stuff.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 17, 2010 3:13 am Reply with quote

Part 1: Kla:

1. Talk to Bob
2. Pick up the gift
3. Touch the fur scan button
4. Talk to Bob again
5. Go back to the fur scan button and turn it on
6. Pick up the batteries and neon lights
7. Open the gift in your inventory
8. Find the AR goggles inside and put them on by dragging them onto Kla
9. Tell E-dude to look for the wires
10. Click on the wires

Part 2: Steve:

11. Go in to Bob's place
12. Pick up the taser and BTC map
13. Open Kla's wallet in your inventory
14. Pay for the things (by talking to Bob)
15. Go to the bank

Part 3: Kla:

16. Pick up the blue thread
17. Go back down
18. Click on the virtual tree
19. Go up where the blue thread was
20. Click on E-dude
21. Tell him to zap the tree
22. Click on the green thread that falls out of the tree
23. Go behind the rock in the foreground (click on the screen a few times if you cant find it at first) there will be the red thread
24. Go to the top of the cliff and then jump down on to the tree, walk across back to the portal
25. You get frozen by some fat green guy who looks like Santa
If you have trouble finding all the threads, click here.

Part 4: Steve:

26. Go to feather park
27. Talk to gramps
28. Go to Bob's shop, talk to him order a nuclear device and go to the toolbox
29. Open the toolbox and get the screwdriver; if you didn't have enough time order another and try it again
30. Go to the park again open the circuit panel and then use the taser on it
31. Try plan b on Gramps then plan c; use the taser on circuit panel again
32. Go to the bank and get the money from Gramps
33. Go to Bob's shop, buy the hacking device and use it on the upstairs room.
34. Link all the items in the room, making a light to free Kla.

The End.

With thanks to Ryoh House for most of the legwork.

Wow BTC is back and all I got was this lousy signature.
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