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Official Mission Three Walkthrough (100% and Points Guides)
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Lilyin Burritos

Joined: 22 Jul 2010
Posts: 2
Location: Newyork America

PostPosted: Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:17 pm Reply with quote

Hi i followed everything up until the sword Cause when its time to kill the Purana's than he has no sword is this a glitch? Think Neutral
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Styoh Harlan

Joined: 09 Jul 2010
Posts: 119

PostPosted: Sun Jul 25, 2010 2:21 pm Reply with quote

The game froze on me.
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Thenewteddy House

Joined: 29 Sep 2010
Posts: 7
Location: Toronto, Canada

PostPosted: Wed Oct 06, 2010 2:04 pm Reply with quote

I've been reading though the comments and have added a few things to the official walkthough that might help people who get confused. Everything I've inserted has been done in violet

Rowena Svoltaire wrote:

---EDIT---I'm too new to post "urls" ----EDIT----

Official Mission 3 Walkthrough

    1st checkpoint

Read the tag with Lucas. When he has finished talking, pull the lever and then quickly set the Warbot off (by clicking Kla).

First you need to save the hostages. Position the rocket high above the crane holding the hostages and stop accelerating upward. Let the rocket crash down into the crane's mechanism and it will shake.
Immediately move the rocket to the left to get around the platform and then to the right under the mechanism. Accelerate upwards quickly and hit the machine from the bottom to disable the crane holding the hostages permanently.

You need to hit the machine on the top, with the rocket heading down, and then do the opposite; hit the machine from the bottom with the rocket heading up, and do this quickly, in order for this to work.

Control your rocket so it is over the top the platform with the hostage crane again and move up until you see an outline of a rocket. You need to position the rocket over that area and hit the "." in the upper left hand corner of the rocket control when the rocket icon is blue. You must do this under 42 seconds to get the Fast Flight! bonus. Too long, and it's minus points for a Slow Flight...and don't click the "." too much, either..

Now don't use Kla for a while. Concentrate on Lucas and Ryoh. First you'll have to free Ryoh with Lucas' bombs. You'll have to throw half loaded grenade to furthest distance to free Ryoh. If you charge the grenade too much, you'll sink Ryoh.

Now move Ryoh up and when he starts to talk slice the pipe. He slides down and then go up again. No you let him jump to the level.

Kla on duty again. Deploy the Warbot, but don't let it go outside the blue line, or you will lose it and the mission. Head right and up to the chain control board. Once you see the bot turn into a blue circle, click the circle. This accesses the panel. Lower the chain until it says '87'. Move it back up once, and it should say '73'. Now head back with the bot, down the way you came, and continue left and up. Go to control board and click the Open button.

Now you'll have to use the crane. Go back to the starting point, and go down, then left to access the crane controls. After you've turned it on, you'll see that it'll have an 'm' marking and a 'position' marking. Press 'Up' once, so that the 'm' marking says '10m'. Press the position button until it says 'Position 4'. Now lower the crane until it says 'boat lifting strops attached'. It should now revert back to the control panel. Move the crane up at least once, so it's at least 5m. Now move to Position 5 and keep lowering until you possibly can't go any lower. How low can you go? -30 m, I'd say.
There is some confusion about which position you are in. If you are confused, raise the crane to 10M, and lower it to 0M in each position. Once the straps are hooked, raise it to 10M again, and try to lower it to -30M.

Now you'll have to get rid off the piranhas. Use Ryoh's swords to set the gas on fire with full power. Then blow them up with Lucas' grenades. You'll have to throw it to middle way and as full power as possible. If you used only 2 grenades total for the whole checkpoint, you'll get a bonus.

Now move Ryoh down and left. When that is done use Kla and the Warbot to lift up the boat. Have the Warbot lift the crane.

    2nd checkpoint

In the lower right hand corner, you'll find that if you hover around, you'll be able to click on an up arrow. If you click it, Ryoh will pop up, and you have to fight a fish. [Swing katana high- Defend high] [Swing katana low- Defend low]. If you hit the Fish without getting hurt, you there's bonus points to grab.

After defeating the fish, move Ryoh to the left and slice the pipe. Click the little upside-down triangle until it hovers over the middle column(#2). Roll the valve (use mouse to click and hold, then move to the right as if actually spinning it) to right two or three times to set the gas off. Clockwise means you are putting gas in, while counter-clockwise means you are taking it out. Now click the arrow once more, to #3 and turn the valve left or Counter-clockwise full speed. Now quickly press the lever on top of the valve to cause sparkles and set the gas on fire. The bot in the middle floor should now be disabled.

Move left again with Ryoh, press the button to open the Conveyor Belt , and go up the stairs. Hit the bot With your swords to make it unusable. Go down and set the arrow to the third column, and spin it until it is about half full. The box on the second level should now say On. If you over-fill, it will say off, so take some gas out in this case. Move Ryoh back up and leave him alone for a while.

Now get rid off the fish with Lucas (select head option) and move Kla to left. Move right and down the stairs with Lucas. You can now push the button to open the panel. Move right, and push the button and take the fuse out. Move once more right and open the fuse box. Put the fuse in and let Lucas alone. Kla should now be able to access his DS.

Now let Ryoh (who should be standing on the second level) push the button to set off the first crate. Use Kla to push the GREEN button to set the crane's magnet on. Be careful, the buttons place changes. Now press the blue button to lift up the crate and then yellow button to move it right. If Steve is under the box, move him left. Drop the box by pressing green button. Move Steve on the crate. Don't squish Steve.

So buttons are:
Green: disables/sets on the magnet
Blue: lift up the crate if there's one
Yellow: move crane right/left

Continue this with this pattern:


To get rid off the 5th and 7th crate, move Ryoh down and let him press button. The line will fall, as well as the box. Press it once more, and it'll go up again so you can add more boxes. If you do it in the above order, the crates will form a picture, and you'll get a Gamer Puzzle Bonus.

Have Lucas take the fuse back out of the Crane panel now. Move left to the Elevator panel (far left). If you press the button, he'll note that it doesn't stay down on its own. Have Lucas go up the stairs.

Steve should be on top of the crates. Have him move right into the boat. Now that you're inside the boat, you should see a yellow dot in the middle. Click on it and the light will turn on. On the right, you should see a white towel labeled "Warbears". Click on the corner, and Steve will tell you to look for slips of paper. One is by the brown crate, one is on the window sill to the left, and the last one is under the sofa (far bottom left). Also click on the shiny pearl and Steve's clothes to retrieve them. Move to the right to open the safe, and using the crowbar that you'll find in the safe, open the crate. Lucas' CPGs are in there. If you've found everything, you'll automatically exit the boat.

Move Lucas to the left to collect the CPGs and the shiny thing. Move Ryoh down to the machine wheel and fill the first column. When it's full, a red flag should start moving in the pipes. Now move Lucas right and up and throw a low-charged grenade with low force inside the pipe (too much power will show an alternate ending involving nuclear explosions). If you used only one grenade, you'll get a bonus. The bot should start firing at the water, distracted.

Now use Steve to shoot the bot. Then move him right. Let Steve read the label and turn on the water. Move him to shower and keep your mouse on him (over the elevators). When an arrow appears, press it to get the Underwear Bonus. Try to use the elevator with Steve and when he informs that it's not working move Lucas down to the elevator fuse box (right one) and let him push the button. Move Steve right inside the elevator.

    3rd checkpoint

This round is fairly simple.

Fight the fish: they should come out one at a time from behind the door. Kill them quickly and without wasting bullets, and you'll earn yourself 100+ bonus points. After you've killed them, move right to the door to find that it's locked, then move left into the office to obtain the key. Move back to the door, unlock it, and Steve will go down the stairs. he'll also communicate with someone while in the stairway.

Steve will now enter through the door in the lower left-hand corner. Shoot the fish with the impressive rotating-lance attack in one shot to earn yourself another bonus. A big fish (who, as you realize, was the one with Steve in the stairway) will come through the door. Steve will feebly attempt to punch him, but the big fish will throw him across the room.

Lucas and Kla should be in the room now. Lucas will chat a bit with the fish, and end up in a fist fight. A box will pop up where you can hit the big fish. To the bottom left of his helmet, there is a rectangle (part of his collar). If you hit here four times, it'll come off, and the fish's communicator will be destroyed. (Hitting it in exactly four shots earns you a bonus.) Lucas then receives the same treatment as Steve. A strange machine starts working, which you'll have to de-activate, of course.

Deactivate lower shield


Deactivate middle shield


Deactivate upper shield


The place to shoot is marked as red on Kla's DS. Press the correct button on Lucas' speech bubble (top, middle, bottom) and shot the respective area through the target. If you shoot before Lucas tells Steve where to shoot, Kla will recoil and say that you nearly hit him. A bonus if you can deactivate in exactly three shots.

Then sit back and watch the action unfold.

---EDIT---I'm too new to post "urls" ----EDIT----

Note 1: A --- means you have to restart your mission, since it will fail! Remember to use the checkpoints.
Note 2: The average time was based on my "100% run". It can be faster or slower than that. It's just an average! [/list]

    Part 1

    Pull the lever to save the hostages (2%)
    Ryoh is dead (Inside the Warzorb) (2%)
    Kla and Lucas are dead (Suicide with grenades) (2%)
    Hostages are dead (2%)
    Ryoh is free (3%)
    Ryoh is hurt (2%)
    Cut the gas pipe (2%)
    Ryoh is dead (Standing on the Warzorb) (2%)
    Ryoh is dead (Destroy the Warzorb and jump into water) (2%)
    Hostages are safe (3%)
    Warbot landed (3%)
    Lowered the crane to -30m with no straps hooked (2%)
    Boat lifting straps hooked (2%)
    Lifting straps lowered (2%)
    Cut the gas pipe (2%)
    Put gas on fire (6%)
    Killed the piranhas (3%)
    Hooked the boat with Ryoh (3%)
    Tried to lift the boat with the chains unreachable by Ryoh (Lift it back up to around 0m) (2%)
    Lifted the boat (3%)

    Average time: 15 minutes
    48% Part 1

    48% Total

    Part 2

    Bubbles bring joy! (2%) Click Steve's bubbles.
    Ryoh appears (2%)
    Ryoh beats the enemy (2%)
    Ryoh cuts the second tube (2%)
    Ryoh destroys the turret (2%)
    Lucas headbutts (2%)
    Lucas puts the fuse in the crane fusebox (3%)
    Ryoh/Kla drops 1 box (2%)
    Gamer puzzle (2%) Stacking to form a picture.
    Get Steve up (2%)
    Find the CPGS (3%)
    Huge explosion (3%)
    Light the gas vent on fire (3%)
    Destroy the turret (2%)
    Leopard boxers!? (2%) Steve's underpants. See above
    Elevator working (3%)

    Average time: 30 minutes
    37% Part 2

    85% Total

    Part 3

    Steve noticed the guards (2%)
    Killed the gunners (2%)
    Got inside the office (2%)
    Locked the guard in (2%)
    Destroyed the boss' communicator (2%)
    The machine started to work (2%)
    Deactivated the machine (3%)

    Average time: 7 minutes
    15% Part 3

    Total time: 52 minutes
    100% Total

---EDIT---I'm too new to post "urls" ----EDIT----

Checkpoint 1

-Landing Warbot (Fast flight!) +100
-Landing Warbot (Slow flight...) -100
-Hostages safe +100
-Ryoh is free (Lucas' grenades) +100
-Ryoh is hurt (walking up the pipe while spikes are still there) -100
-Maximum precision! (Using exactly two grenades with Lucas in Part 1) +50
-Waste of explosives (Using too many grenades) -50
-Killed the piranhas +100
Maximum total: +450

Checkpoint 2

-Got on the platform +100
-Professional fight! (Ryoh kills the fish without losing any health points) +100
-Lame fight... (Ryoh loses more than one heart while fighting) -100
-Got rid of the fish +100
-Bubbles bring joy! (Click on about 6 or 7 of Steve's bubbles) +300
-Gamer puzzle! (Link's puzzle; see above for details) +200
-Maximum precision! (Lucas uses exactly one grenade to set the oil rig on fire) +50
-Leopard boxers?! +300 Steve's Underpants
Maximum total: +1150 (1600)

Checkpoint 3

-Inside the building +100
-Bulls eye! (Steve gets a perfect with all four fish) +100
-Waste of time... -100
-Killed the gunners +100
-Bulls eye! (Steve shoots the rotating lance fish guy in one shot) +100
-Waste of bullets... -100
-Right to the point! (Lucas breaks the big fish's communicator with exactly four punches) +100
-Bulls eye! - or is it Good Teamwork? (Steve deactivates the machine in exactly three shots) +100
-Deactivated the machine +100

Maximum total: +700 (2300)
Plus the 700 bonus for 100% (3000)
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Constance Anderson

Joined: 08 Oct 2009
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 07, 2010 12:31 pm Reply with quote

It's still too hard to play. Mmmh..
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Godofwarkratos Carpenter

Joined: 09 Oct 2010
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2010 7:09 pm Reply with quote

Thank you rly much Smile
Done the mission without help but 100% is better with a guide just done it 2600/3000 but iam aiming for more
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Leroy Simpson

Joined: 08 Dec 2009
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2010 7:10 pm Reply with quote

Well done!
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Roxie Bauer

Joined: 04 May 2008
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 16, 2010 9:16 am Reply with quote

Constance Anderson wrote:
It's still too hard to play. Mmmh..

[offtopic]Change that signature. Now.[/offtopic]
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Chinomin Smith

Joined: 04 Dec 2009
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, 2011 5:37 pm Reply with quote

How do you get the leopard boxers achievement?
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Gamer House

Joined: 06 Dec 2007
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2011 8:26 pm Reply with quote

Chinomin Smith wrote:
How do you get the leopard boxers achievement?

One more time -- When Steve is finishing his shower, keep your mouse hovering over the elevator doors until an arrow command appears. Click the arrow for the bonus.
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Roozbeh Smith

Joined: 24 Apr 2012
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 2:50 pm Reply with quote

i cant move the boot Angry
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